Tuesday, May 7, 2013

JPII on Listening to the Word

"There is no doubt that this primacy of holiness and prayer is inconceivable without a renewed listening to the word of God. Ever since the Second Vatican Council underlined the pre-eminent role of the word of God in the life of the Church, great progress has certainly been made in devout listening to Sacred Scripture and attentive study of it. Scripture has its rightful place of honour in the public prayer of the Church. Individuals and communities now make extensive use of the Bible, and among lay people there are many who devote themselves to Scripture with the valuable help of theological and biblical studies. But it is above all the work of evangelization and catechesis which is drawing new life from attentiveness to the word of God. Dear brothers and sisters, this development needs to be consolidated and deepened, also by making sure that every family has a Bible. It is especially necessary that listening to the word of God should become a life-giving encounter, in the ancient and ever valid tradition of lectio divina, which draws from the biblical text the living word which questions, directs and shapes our lives."  - JPII, Novo Millennio Ineunte 39


Theophrastus said...

I think paragraph 17 of his letter is also interesting for this blog.

Anonymous said...

Here is what I pray before lectio divina or bible study:

God, my Father in heaven, I am about to encounter your written word in Sacred Scripture. I come before you with a deep appreciation and profound reverence for your word, through which you reveal yourself to me. I believe that these human words, written under the divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit, are truly alive in the fulfilling form of the Eternal Word, your beloved Son, Jesus. I know that these are not just words to be read, but a way of life to be followed, modeled for me by Jesus during his earthly life. Through these words you invite me into personal communion with you. And so, Father, through Jesus, I implore you to send me your Holy Spirit to enlighten me and teach me; to unlock the mysteries that will allow your word to come alive in my heart and in my life. Come Holy Spirit and lead me to the truth that will bring me authentic freedom. Guard me from reading more into this sacred word than is really there, and prevent me from removing anything from its fullness. Come Holy Spirit and help me in my weakness. I want my life to be directed and shaped by your word. Allow this holy word to build up my faith and hope, so that I will be empowered to live a life of charity, and will be drawn into a deeper union with my God through knowledge and imitation of the Eternal Word, Jesus my Savior. Most holy Mother, Mary, I entrust myself to your intercession as I read, study and pray this blessed word. May I keep it always in my heart as you kept it in yours. Amen.

~Walt near Scranton PA

Timothy said...


Thank you for sharing that beautiful prayer!