Friday, March 1, 2013

Prayer for the Election of a New Pope

Lord Jesus Christ,
You are the Good Shepherd,
And you never leave your flock untended.

You gave your life that we may live,
And you appoint shepherds after your own heart
To lead your people by word and example
To likewise give themselves away in love.

We thank you for the ministry of Pope Benedict XVI,
And for his service to the Church and the world.
We ask that you now give him a fruitful period
Of rest and prayer, of gratitude and praise.

We ask you, Lord Jesus, with the Father,
To send the Holy Spirit on the Church once again.

In particular, guide the Cardinals who will shortly exercise
The obligation and privilege of electing a new Pope.
Guide their deliberations and decisions
With divine wisdom and insight.

Even now, Lord Jesus, give to the new Pope,
Whom you have already chosen,
An abundance of holiness and strength,
To carry out the mission you have entrusted to him.

May your Word reign supreme in his life,
And may his every word and action point the Church to You,
The supreme and eternal Shepherd,
And the only mediator between God and humanity,
For you live and reign forever and ever.


Servus Dei said...

This would be off topic, but this one seems to get my interest. Assuming that most of the readers are aware of Liturgiam Authenticam, it may be noted that through LA, each country has been mandated to use only ONE VERSION of the Bible to be used in the Liturgy.

Would it be interesting to have a research on the different Bible versions being used in the Catholic liturgy and characterize them according to:

1) Translation philosophy: Formal vs Dynamic
2) Gender inclusivity (if present): Exclusive vs Inclusive
3) Authorship
4) Origin: exclusively Catholic or Ecumenical
5) Year first produced and years of use in liturgy
6) Other remarks

It may be interesting which countries are in compliance with LA.

This could be posted in some other day, and we can get info from other readers worldwide.

Timothy said...

Interesting idea. So, interested in organizing this? :)