Thursday, March 21, 2013

50% Off Today at Saint Benedict Press and TAN!

For all your Easter gift needs at half the price, but only today!
In celebration of the feast day of Saint Benedict, our company’s patron saint, we are distributing a 50% off coupon code that is good for today only (through 11:59 tonight) on virtually all TAN, Saint Benedict Press, and Catholic Courses products.
The code is StB321 and will be good for 50% off our regular prices. The discount will be processed at checkout on our website when an order has been placed.
And if you use one of the following links, your humble Catholic Bibles blogger will receive a small percentage.  :)
Saint Benedict Press - The Source for Catholic Bibles

TAN Books - Publishers You Can Trust With Your Faith


Biblical Catholic said...

You might also be interested in knowing that Barnes and Noble has a sale going on today for 50% off all Bibles

Anonymous said...

The discount even worked for DVDs!

Amfortas said...

The code did not enable me to get a discount from a Bible.

Timothy said...


Send them an email about your problem, perhaps they will work something out.

CJA Mayo said...

I will have to say about TAN/SBP, when I saw their motto, "The Publisher You Can Trust With Your Faith", I must agree - I don't think I've ever seen anything truly objectionable put out by them.

Keep going, TAN.