Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Line of CTS Bibles

Thank you to reader Michael who pointed out the new line of CTS Bibles from the UK.  The New Catholic Bible contains the Jerusalem Bible (minus the use of Yahweh) with the Grail Psalter.  While these look wonderful, one has to wonder why these are being published if the UK Lectionary will be changing to the ESV sooner rather than later.  Hmm.....

They include the following:

New Testament and Psalms
Book of Psalms
New Catholic Bible Compact Flexi-Bound
New Catholic Bible Flexi-Bound Blue
New Catholic Bible Flexi-Bound Red
New Catholic Bible Paperback


Anonymous said...


Most interesting to me of these offerings is the New Testament and Psalms because it is single column format. For those who prefer single column, this is one of the only options, regardless of translation, available for a New Testament / Psalms edition.

Michael P.

Timothy said...


Yes, that looks quite good. Cambridge use to publish a thin pocket NRSV NT and Psalms which was very nice as well.

Sophia said...

I didn't go through all new but after getting you with these above, I must go through all.

Anonymous said...

I was lucky to find the CTS New Catholic Bible, Standard size in flexible Blue bonded leather which has been discontinued. I found it at a Catholic gift shop in Australia and paid $62, which included shipping. Took forever to arrive by international mail, but am very pleased with this edition which is basically the Jerusalem Bible with single column format. The print is smaller than I would prefer (8 pt, I believe) but still very readable. I really like this version. It has notes on the bottom of the pages and some other nice features.