Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Future CCSS Volumes

The Gospel of Luke by Timothy Gray (2015)
The Gospel of John by Francis Martin and William W. Wright IV (2014)
The Acts of the Apostles by William Kurz, SJ (Fall 2013)
Romans by Scott Hahn (2015)
Philippians, Colossians, Philemon by Dennis Hamm, SJ (Fall 2013)
Hebrews by Mary Healy (2014)
James, 1-3 John by Kelly Anderson and Daniel Keating (2014)
Revelation by Peter S. Williamson (2014)

**Keep in mind there were no volumes released in 2012**


Amfortas said...

What is it about Catholic commentary series? They all take an age to roll out. And when will someone start working on an OT commentary series?

Biblical Catholic said...

A good commentary takes time....look at the Anchor Commentary series...as I used to say to my boss at a job where I used to work 'I can do it fast or I can do it well, which would you prefer?'

Stuart said...

I'm excited to have some more of these coming out. I already own all the previous ones. I too share the above comments expression, but am just glad that they are continuing to produce some.


Vince C said...

I was wondering about this. So nothing until late this year? I guess I can put those two (projected for release) volumes on my Christmas wishlist.