Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sunday Knox: Jeremiah 33:14-16

"Behold, he says, a time is coming when I will make good my promise to Israel and Juda; the day will dawn, the time be ripe at last for that faithful scion to bud from David’s stock; the land shall have a king to reign over it, giving just sentence and due award. When that time comes, Juda shall find deliverance, none shall disturb Jerusalem’s rest; and the name given to this king shall be, The Lord vindicates us." - Knox Bible

*Jeremias 33:16 vv. 15, 16. Cf. 23.5, 6 above. In the present passage, the Hebrew text represents the name ‘The Lord vindicates us’ as given, not to the king, but to the city of Jerusalem. The disparity is difficult to explain, and probably the manuscripts are at fault. The whole paragraph, verses 14-18, is lacking in the Septuagint Greek.

"The days are coming, says the LORD (oracle of the Lord), when I will fulfill the promise I made to the house of Israel and Judah. In those days, in that time, I will raise up for David a just shoot ; he shall do what is right and just in the land. In those days Judah shall be safe and Jerusalem shall dwell secure; this is what they shall call her: "The LORD our justice." -NAB(RE)

* [33:1426] This is the longest continuous passage in the Hebrew text of Jeremiah that is missing from the Greek text of Jeremiah. It is probably the work of a postexilic writer who applied parts of Jeremiah’s prophecies to new situations. The hope for an eternal Davidic dynasty (vv. 1417; cf. 2 Sm 7:1116) and for a perpetual priesthood and sacrificial system (v. 18) was not realized after the exile. On the canonical authority of the Septuagint, see note on Dn 13:114:42.


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Knox completely dominates this reading. Knox is beautiful here.

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