Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Semi-Regular Weekly Poll

Which is the best Catholic compact Bible?

  • RSV-2CE NT (Ignatius)
  • RSV-CE (Oxford)
  • NABRE Personal Size (Catholic Book Publishing)
  • NABRE (Oxford)
  • NJB (Darton Longman and Todd)
  • Other?


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CJA Mayo said...

The RSV-2CE compact doesn't count as compact, the RSV-CE, I'm not sure, but it's an inadequate translation, the NAB/RE is barely fit to be read (although, I must admit, it looks like the Authorized Version compared to the CEB and some other modern translations), and I've never seen a compact NJB - the only ones I've seen have been massive blue hardcover, massive black bonded leather, and even more massive hardcover with Salvador Dali (?) paintings. In any case, I probably prefer the NABRE to it in all but a few places.

I voted for "other", as the Confraternity Pocket NT is the best portable Bible ever; it is single-column; the font is dark, clear, and readable; it is in two-color; it comes with a reading plan; it is nigh indestructible; and it is truly pocket-sized.

Jonny said...

Hi Tim:

Unrealated subjects, but have you heard of the New Jerusalem Bible (the large size Doubleday version) going out of print? It is still available various places like Christianbook, but they are currently going for $200-$300+ on Amazon.

Also, I got a Leaflet Missal catalog the other day and the Knox Bible is listed in it. I have not yet heard anything from Baronius Press, but since it is listed in a catalog, I am hoping that it will be available by Christmas.

Leaflet Missal is also listing the Baronius pocket Douay Rheims, which have been out of stock for a while and listing on Amazon for hundreds of bucks! I feel sorry for whoever paid $800+ for one of those!

Timothy said...

I should have mentioned the Baronius editions, but they just slipped my mind. Although they seem to be hard to get these days.

Russ of Tokyo said...

No English translation is perfect but I think the RSV-CE is good enough. Not as good as the RSV-2CE or the ESV, but good enough. Among the compact Bibles (complete OT and NT) there are not many choices, so I go with the "good enough" RSV-CE until something better comes along. And I'm happy with that.