Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Semi-Regular Weekly Poll

What are your thoughts concerning the upcoming revised (X4) NAB?

  • It will exceed my expectations and become the standard Catholic Bible for English speakers
  • It will be a slight improvement over the most recent revision
  • I like the current NABRE and wish they weren't doing another revision
  • I am fearful that the revision will not be very good
  • I have no idea what will happen, but I am praying that it will be good
  • Other


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rolf said...

It is going to be interesting when they put this new Bible together (many years down the line). According to the USCCB June 2012 meeting report posted at Adoremus, The new NAB will have a revised NT that will be able to be used in the lectionary for mass (with revised footnotes), the Revised Grail Psalms, and "the revised OT will be revised only in light of the Committee on Divine Worship's principles regarding suitability for liturgical practice.
So according to the Bishops, what we get will be, "a single text of the New American Bible that could be used for all pastoral uses: personal prayer and study; secondly, catechesis; and the proclamation of the Scriptures at Sacred Liturgy."

Timothy said...


Thanks for the heads up on that article. I surely will post something in the coming days regarding it.

Francesco said...

Another interesting thing to come out of that meeting is that a revision to the Liturgy of the Hours will be discussed in November.

Timothy said...


They certainly need to update the collects/closing prayers to match those used on Sundays. Plus, the Revised Grail Psalms need to be integrated. Also, I would imagine that the upcoming readings from the revised NAB would need to be incorporated as well.

Francesco said...

Yes, but would the second readings need to be re-translated as well? It would be odd to keep those the same while everything else changes. And that is a huge part of the text.

David said...

Just reading about the coming changes from the article at Adoremus makes me very optimistic for the future of the NAB, lectionary, and the LOTH too. They should be a vast improvement, and great resources for the faithful for years to come.

About the only thing that gives me a moment of pause is the statement by Cardinal Wuerl that he doesn't expect to be with us by the time it's all completed! That means we're in this for the long haul. God willing we'll still be around to appreciate it.

Still, I'm grateful that we have the leadership that we do currently in place at the USCCB. It appears that the Holy Father's work of renewal will continue to bear much fruit, extending beyond his pontificate.

Timothy said...


I have been told that this process will take, at a minimum, ten years.

Biblical Catholic said...

'Minimum' sounds about right, I don't think they even have a translation committee at this point do they? The last time they revised the NT it took 16 years.