Wednesday, September 5, 2012

SBP's Catholic Courses: The Christ

I recently acquired Fr. Alfred McBride's course The Christ from Saint Benedict Press.   As I begin to prepare for my second year as an instructor with the Catholic Biblical School of Michigan, which will focus on the synoptic Gospels, Acts, and Paul's Letters, this course was a nice reminder of some of the more important themes which are found in the four Gospels.  All 8 lectures, which averaged 25 minutes in length, were filled with engaging insights into the mind of each Evangelist.  I definitely recommend this lecture series.  A video introduction to this course can be viewed here.

As the course description points out: "Each of the four Gospels highlights a different aspect of Christ's personality, nature and mission. Father McBride, named one of the top religious educators of the 20th Century, shows how each evangelist presents a unique perspective of Christ, and that only through study of all four Gospels can we arrive at a complete picture of the Lord. Father McBride begins with an examination of Matthew's Gospel, which shows in fascinating detail Jesus' fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy and His inauguration of the Kingdom of God. In Mark, we hear the call to discipleship, the invitation to the narrow road of a Christian life. Luke, writing to a Gentile world, shows us Christ in his humanity, while John reveals his glory and divinity. By considering all four evangelists together, Father McBride shows us Jesus as He was known by his closest disciples and helps us to know Him like never before."

In addition to the course, which can be purchased in audio or video format, a very well put together full-color guidebook is included.  It contains additional information and study questions.

Fr. McBride also has done a study on the Book of Revelation. 

If interested, you can acquire these fine Catholic Courses through the below link:
Catholic Courses - Engage Your Faith Today!

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Daniel Norman McNamara said...

Dear Timothy,
I'm glad you introduced our group to Fr. McBride's course. And I am glad that Fr. McBride has put some of his work into a media format. There are lots of parishes who have people asking about when "they" will sponsor a program on the Gospels. This would be something which any individual (or small group) could use immediately. For those so inclined, there are always longer programs and resources. Some diocesan media centers also make media programs of this type available to individuals or at least their parishes. I keep telling parish people tht they need to think about investing in such programs on an ongoing basis. Yes, cost is a concern as always. But "now is good!". Just a few years ago, we had very few such programs for Catholics. I can't imagine tht spending four hours with Fr. McBride would not be a positive experience for all of us. In my work, I get to look at a lot of these programs. I rarely find that I don't learn something new or apprciate something better with each one. I hope this one does well. Daniel Norman McNamara, former editor of the Catholic Resource Newsletter.