Friday, August 17, 2012

Zondervan NABRE First Communion New Testament

Zondervan will begin publishing a First Communion NABRE NT beginning in early 2013. The binding is leather and will be available in both white and black.  The description at the Zondervan site mentions that this is a "Great gift for those celebrating First Communion New Testament text of the New American Bible translation, with imprimatur Presentation page and The Lord's Prayer Keepsake for this special occasion."  The list price is $14.99.

It will be interesting to see if Zondervan will publish any additional editions of the NABRE in 2013.  (Keep in mind that Zondervan is associated with HarperCollins Publishing.)


Matt said...

I see it will have the Zondervan trademark silver gilt edges. Perhaps if more protestant publishers put out Catholic editions we would see quality and quantity jump to the next level.

Anonymous said...

Wait! There is no succh thing as a NABRE New Testament. The NABRE uses the same New Testament that was published in 1986 - 25 years before the NABRE was published!!!!

A few months ago it was announced that the NT would be revised, but that won't be completed for at least 8 years.

Timothy said...

All very true. I designated it the NABRE NT because it will soon be the only version available, as the older ones go out of print.