Sunday, August 5, 2012

Another Question on Latin Bible

Timothy: One of my blog readers is looking for a Latin interlinear Bible.  He wants "word-for-word."  I've seen many Hebrew/Greek interlinears in this format, but not Latin.  He is looking for something printed.  Do you have any suggestions?


Amfortas said...

Not an interlinear or word-for-word as such but Baronius Press publishes an edition of the Clementine Vulgate with the DR Bible on the opposite page.

dmw said...

Anonymous said...

Interlinear (not perfect, not parsed, but not bad)-

Clickable parsing of vulgate:

Kindle interlinear vulgate:

Lulu book -

Chrysostom said...

The only printed one I've ever seen come close to that is the Baronius DRC-Vulgate diglot.

Chase M. Becker said...

I don't particularly agree with the views of this publishing house, however they publish a good English - Latin edition of the Vulgate New Testament:

The book is sturdy and attractive with English on one page and Latin on the other. Hope this helps!