Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Logos 4: Catholic Edition


stitchinrose said...

It would be nice if they would put something out the average person could afford. Until then I will use e-sword which is free.

It seems to me that there is a lot of free bible study stuff on line but most of it is not aim for Catholics, I find that to be a shame.

Russ said...


Thanks for posting this. Do you have this software?

Timothy said...


I just received a copy this week. I am just startin to play with it today. So far, I am highly impressed. A review will follow in the coming weeks.

Russ said...


I just saw the price of this program. As you have in the past, maybe you can do a give-a-way of this for Pentecost?


Anonymous said...


While this looks amazing, I can only dream of having such a product - it is cost prohibitive for many (me included).

When you do your review of this, it would be great to list less expensive alternatives for us to consider. If you have done past reviews of other bible study software, perhaps a link to those might be helpful as well.


Russ said...

Although at $45 a month it's pretty tempting. It looks to be a terrific asset. Pretty incredible when you spend time at that web site.

losabio said...

I'm trying to think of a way to afford this software. The more YouTube videos I see of this package, the more impressed I am by its capabilities. I saw a demo of the word study capabilities and it was eye opening. I can absolutely foresee myself using Logos 4 to expose the (transliterative) Greek underneath an English translation and then feeding that Greek into a search. Even just learning about a few words of Greek/Hebrew here and there is pretty neat for me. If reading different English translations of Scripture can reveal alternate shadings and nuances of meaning, I can only imagine how much more will be revealed using the search capabilities of Logos. The price seems more than fair, especially considering all the books and Bible translations included in the various packages. Even a little feature like the ability to toggle red letters on and off is very cool.

Mike Roesch said...

While tempting, my issue with Logos is that, though it markets itself as a steal compared to print versions of everything, it seems almost obscenely overpriced when you consider the amount of public domain (or otherwise available free online) stuff included in the Catholic editions. Especially annoying is the fact that so much that I assume should be in the public domain is NOT included in the cheapest version (e.g. the second series of Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Ven. Bede, much of the stuff listed under "Theology," etc.).

Kenneth Massey said...

Although Logos Bible software is expensive and out of many people’s budget it is worth it. I went for cheaper base package on a monthly plan and hope to upgrade to better package in twelve months’ time. I found it very helpful drastically cutting down research time. I am still learning how to use the software as it has a lot of features. Some products (Like Commentaries) are just too expensive but you can pick them up really cheap at pre-pub price, for example you can get Bernard Orchard’s Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture for £12.38 GBP Retail: £61.92 GBP saving: £49.54 GBP (80%)

Alex Renn said...

I'm sure at this point many of you have seen Timothy's post about the Catechism Collection at, but if you haven't seen it and were concerned about cost, this is our attempt to produce an affordable, but still functional, collection.

Check it out and check out our blog video detailing how to optimize your experience with said Collection.

Mike, in response to your concerns: the public domain text files cannot truly compare to the tagged versions that we produce. Additionally, the time and effort spent creating the Logos versions and tagging them so they interact with other texts and work in our software, support notes, word tools, etc. cannot be achieved for free.

While it seems difficult to justify at first, once you experience it, it makes a lot more sense.

If you simply want to read a free text document or pdf, free is great. If you want the features and connectivity of Logos. The tools and tagging are unparalleled and well worth the initially shocking price point.

Please don't hesitate to contact me directly.

Alex Renn
Catholic Marketing Specialist
Logos Bible Software