Friday, May 11, 2012

Coming Soon: OSV Saints Devotional Bible NABRE

Below are the details, though no publication date has been posted:

Since the early days of the church, believers have looked to the saints as examples and guides to living holy lives pleasing to God. Now the saints help illuminate Holy Scripture in The Saints Devotional Bible, NABRE version.

In this incredible resource you will find:

•The accuracy of the new NABRE translation

•Over 200 readings from the saints, including their own reflections, prayers, letters, and more

•The saints' reflections broaden appreciation and understanding of old testament and new testament texts

•A twenty-part lesson on studying, praying, and living the Scriptures, with longer selections from the writings of the saints

•An easy-to-search list of themes that allow you to study topics of interest to you

•A calendar of saints and a list of patron saints

•Mini-biographies of all the saints whose selections are quoted
 The Saints Devotional Bible is an excellent devotional aid for anyone who wants to study Sacred Scripture as well as be encouraged and enlightened by the wisdom of our brothers and sisters, the saints, who intercede for us every day!


Timothy said...

Amazon lists a November publication date.

Brandon Vogt said...

I'm dear friends with Bert Ghezzi, who is putting this Bible together. It's actually a newer version of this one:

Timothy said...


Thanks for the info. I remember seeing that edition in a bookstore once. If they stick to the layout that was in that NJB edition, this new NABRE will be quite beautiful.

Diakonos said...

This blog has often compared Protestant to Catholic marketing of various editions of the Bible. This is a Catholic answer to the concept of Bibles for various themes and people. Excellent idea.

Russ said...

Thank you for the heads up on this. I have the NJB version on my shelf. . .I mean in my hands. :)

Theophrastus said...

The NJB Saint's Devotional Edition was certainly a high point in Catholic Bible publishing.

But I wonder if this edition can be as good. For example, this edition will be paperback, and it will need to include the NABRE footnotes (which do not quite fit in with the lectio divina theme of the NJB Saint's Devotional Edition).

Anonymous said...


I agree. I have the NJB Saint's Devotional Edition and was wondering the same thing. I have to think that this NABRE edition will come out as a hardcover edition at some point. It also might be possible that the footnotes will be put in the back of the book. We'll see.

I could get behind a NRSV edition of the Saint's Devotional bible.

rolf said...

I hope this comes out later in something other than paperback. I am not a big fan of paperback bibles, synthetic leather would be nice!

Russ said...

I forgot about the footnotes. They could put them in the back, but I don't know if that's been done before with the NAB translation. I used to have a softcover edition of the NJB New Testament where they put the footnotes of the NJB study edition in the back of the book.

Timothy said...


Oxford's NAB's and NABRE's have the notes and crossreferences at the end of each book.

Theophrastus said...

Tim: Mary Sperry said in response to a question on this blog:

Q: Some publishers have gone half-way to having end-notes, but this is not a satisfactory solution to the "note problem", as one ends up with what amounts to a text edition.

A: Permission to move to end notes is granted rarely and will become even more rare in the future as it tends, effectively, to eliminate the notes.

This makes me think that the Oxford convention of moving notes to the end of each book is strongly regretted by the Confraternity, and it will not generally permit it in future editions (even in editions intended for lectio divina.)

Timothy said...


Yes! You have a better memory than I.