Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter Contest Winner

Congrats to the winner Chad Meyer. All entries were quite good, making this a difficult choice. Chad, please send your mailing address to mccorm45 (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Stay tuned for an upcoming contest for the month of May.


Chrysostom said...

Congratulations - I was looking forward to that (the Grail Psalms and a Bible that reminds me how great it is to not be a Muslim). I suppose you can only win once a year!

Question: what is the Collegeville Commentary like? What are its focuses, etc.? I'm trying to figure out if it (the one in two softcover volumes) is worth getting, if one already has a few single-volume commentaries (i.e. Farmer's IBC, NJBC, Bruce's IBC): most of the matter seems to be repeated through them, and none have adequate exegetical depth, but the emphases can differ enough to make them worthwhile (such as the NJBC's strong focus on feminism, liberal historical-criticism, and a purely scientific methodology, and related matters of liberal Christianity) or Farmer's strong focus on ecumenism and Matthean priority, and Bruce's strong focus on Evangelical and conservative interpretation (FF Bruce was truly a great scholar of the Bible, and even a great evangelist in a way, with such as : eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, may perpetual light shine upon him).

Tim, next time, if you get lots of entries from over-seas, maybe we could chip in to subsidize the shipping through Paypal and open it up world-wide? (It usually is around $20 to most places in Europe, Canada, or South America.)

PS The Captchas are getting even harder. Move to some other host!

Chrysostom said...

Erratum: that meant to say "with such as: 'The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable?'", but my attempted italic formatting must have caused it to not render in some wise. (Which be obvious from the fact that there is a space on either side of the colon, a typographical convention I do not follow.)

Tim: I'll be graduating here in two weeks or so, and after that moving to a nice townhouse instead of this bloody ghetto dwelling where everything is broken (I mean EVERYTHING, air conditioner to fridge, except for the water heater and a microwave I purchased, which is on the fritz) and then I'll be able to buckle down and write out my backlog. Knowing my luck, my new hard drives will crash again.