Tuesday, February 21, 2012

ICSB Continued....

Assuming that Dr. Hahn is correct and the complete ICSB will be released in 2-3 years, what one thing would you ask him (or Ignatius Press) to do with the finished product? For me, I would ask that the complete ICSB be produced at a reasonable size, thus making it useful for everyday travel and use. The size of the current ICSB NT is quite massive. If they were able to keep it to the size of the Catholic Bible, Personal Study Edition or perhaps have multiple editions like the NIV Study Bible, I would be a happy camper. How about you?


Theophrastus said...

I simply have one request: that the work be of uniform quality. Some study Bibles end up giving the Old Testament short-shrift. I am heartened to read that Hahn is producing a commentary on Chronicles, for example, which is a work that is not always beloved by readers.

One way to measure coverage is by the percentage of the page devoted to notes. If you look at many study Bibles (even many Catholic study Bibles), you'll notice that while a big fraction of the page in the Gospels is covered by notes, they are scarce in books like Chronicles. But this is not very helpful to the reader: someone who is making the effort to read Chronicles needs notes just as much (and maybe even more than) someone who is reading the Gospels. In many ways, Chronicles is harder to understand than the Gospels, and there are certainly a broader number of places where one can find information on Catholic understanding of the Gospels vs. Catholic understanding of Chronicles.

I hope that the final ICSB covers the entire Bible with detailed notes -- covering the entire text with detailed notes.


As far as size is concerned -- this is really a non-issue for me. Despite its slightly large format, the ICSB is well-laid out and easy to read. If I need a portable format, I'll just use my Kindle version.

Dwight said...

I hate to bring something so seemingly trivial to this discussion, but please- PLEASE -someone at Ignatius get a clue when it comes to marketing this fine product. Get the word out about this Bible, and for heaven's sake, a new cover design is an absolute must. From the cover to the typography, this has to be hands-down one of the ugliest Bibles I've ever seen. Right or wrong, presentation does matter.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I think Ignatius Press is going to publish one edition of the complete ICSB and the choices will be paperback, hardcover, and pseudo-leather. However, they may also publish an Old Testament-only edition.

Anonymous said...


Is it possible to write a review of Psalms - New Catholic Version?


Amfortas said...

I hope there is a uniform OT edition. Yes the cover art is irritating and the size unwieldy but I'm to have an OT companion to match the NT.

Llanbedr said...

Regarding Dwight's comments:

I do have to say that he is absolutely correct concerning the importance of the book as a physical object - and I do mean 'books' in general here.
When it comes to the Scriptures this is so much more important, of course, for obvious reasons.

However, the ICSB, as can be seen from a perusal of your posts concerning it, really seems to divide peple when it comes to its appearance etc. People either seem to absolutely hate the design, or love it! I've always liked it, personally.

rolf said...

Llanber, I agree with you I also like the cover art on the Ignatius Bible very much. My hope for the forth coming ICSB is like others; a size that you can take places (no bigger than the current Oxford study Bibles), 10 point font and bible paper that is thicker than tissue paper. I would rather have a little thicker Bible than have the see through pages.

Chrysostom said...

Make it a monster like the ESV Study Bible, or break it in to multiple volumes. Don't make the print too small, etc.

PLEASE SINGLE-PARAGRAPH IT! (at least it's not verse by verse). That overrides all other concerns. I find myself using the the ESV and KJV for just that reason. Make it look like a book, not a dictionary.