Thursday, December 1, 2011

New: Spanish Bible, Sagrada Biblia Edición Inmaculada

I provide this information for any of you interested in Spanish language Bibles, although I must admit that I am woefully ignorant of the quality of the translation. Perhaps one of my fine readers will be able to provide some helpful information.

Saint Benedict Press: SAGRADA BIBLIA Edición Inmaculada

Permita que su hogar sea un lugar de paz y oración con la ayuda de la Sagrada Biblia, Edición Inmaculada. Esta lujosa Biblia se convertirá en uno de sus objetos más apreciados que diariamente le recordará el amor y la misericordia de Dios y preservará en sus páginas los grandes acontecimientos familiares.

Esta elegante Sagrada Biblia, Edición Inmaculada contiene:
◦Una sección para escribir sus acontecimientos familiares en papel de primera
◦Elegantes páginas de filo dorado
◦Una lujosa y duradera encuadernación
◦Una vasta sección a todo color sobre la vida de Cristo
◦Un Diccionario Católico que facilitará su estudio
◦Hermosas ilustraciones de profetas, patriarcas y otros héroes bíblicos
◦Un peregrinaje a todo color de la Tierra Santa y varias iglesias
◦Una composición tipográfica fácil de leer
◦Mucho, mucho más!

Lleve la Sagrada Biblia, Edición Inmaculada a su hogar y a los hogares de sus seres queridos. Es el regalo perfecto para bodas, aniversarios, estrenos de casas, padres primerizos y otras ocasiones especiales.

La traducción usada en esta Biblia es el texto clásico de Torres Amat, traducido al español de la vulgata latina de San Jerónimo.

Help make your home a place of peace and prayer with the Sagrada Biblia Edición Inmaculada. This deluxe Family Bible will become one of your most treasured belongings, reminding you daily of God's love and care and preserving within its pages the great milestones of your family.

Special features of the Sagrada Biblia Edición Inmaculada: Elegant, easy-to-read typesetting, Special Family Record section on the finest Parchtex Paper, Beautifully gilded page edges, Deluxe side-sewn binding to ensure your Family Bible will last for generations, Devotional aids including an inspiring 48 page full color section on the Life of Christ, Study aids including an extensive Biblical Dictionary, Beautiful Old Master illustrations of Prophets, Patriarchs and other Heroes and Heroines of the Bible, A pilgrimage in pictures to shrines and the Holy Land and much, much more!

Bring the Sagrada Biblia Edición Inmaculada into your home and the homes of those you love. It is the perfect gift for Weddings and Anniversaries, Housewarmings, New Parents and Any Special Occasion!

The translation used in the Sagrada Biblia Edición Inmaculada is the classic Torres Amat text, a translation into Spanish of the Latin Vulgate of Saint Jerome.


Leonardo said...


I am from Mexico, and there are two kinds of Bibles, the ones that are part of the decoration of the house, which are rarely used for reading, and the others which are for Bible classes.

I think that the one showed in this post is of the first group.

Now, most of the Bibles are cheap, based in the later translations, like the NABRE, and although the reduced price, they try to produce well produced copies, that can last for some years of reading in good conditions.

I think that this "Sagrada Biblia Edición Inmaculada" is for the one who has a collection of Bibles.

Theophrastus said...

The Torres Amat translation is from 1825, and -- as mentioned above -- is from the Vulgate. My understanding is that it today serves a role similar to the Douay-Rheims-Challoner Bible in English.

You may find this Wikipedia article interesting.

Javier said...


I'm a catholic form Argentina. As far as I know, nobody here uses the Torres Amat version (though I have seen it in bookstores).
Catholics who read the Bible in Argentina, probably use one of the followings:
1) "El libro del Pueblo de Dios", an argentinian translation by Fr. Levoratti and Fr. Trusso, from the 1970's. It is the one used in the lectionary at Mass in Argentina.
2) "La Biblia de Nuestro Pueblo", which uses the spanish text by Fr. Luis Alonso Schökel, from the 1990's, adapted to latin America linguistical use.
3) "La Biblia de Jerusalen", self-explanatory I think.
4) "La Biblia Latinoamericana", translation by Fr. Hurault.
5) "La Biblia, traducción de Nácar-Colunga", from Spain, in the 1940's.

I hope this has been useful,


Javier said...

And I agree with Leonardo. This looks like the sort of Bible that looks good in bookshelves (and I'm not trying to be contemptous with this edition). But this definitely does not look like the sort of Bible we latin-american catholics would read.



Javier said...

And Theophrastus,

I don't think the Torres Amat version in Latin America has an status like that of the Douay-Rheims in the USA.
For example, the Trads in Argentina (the SSPX), use the version by Mons. Straubinger, a translation to spanish from the original languages, from in the 1940's.


Esteban Vázquez said...

"Torres Amat" (which was really translated Fr José María Petisco, S.J., but only very lightly edited and published by Bishop Félix Torres Amat) is a more or less fair translation of the Vulgate, but with one significant problem: it glosses the text with interpretive italics throughout. Some of these are inconsequential, but many others are quite disturbing. Take, for instance, Ephesians 2:8-10:

"Porque de [pura] gracia habéis sido salvados por medio de la fe, y esto no viene de vosotros, siendo como es un don de Dios; tampoco en virtud de vuestras obras [anteriores, puramente naturales], para que nadie pueda gloriarse. Por cuanto somos hechura suya [en la gracia como lo fuimos en la naturaleza], creados en Jesucristo para obras buenas, preparadas por Dios [desde la eternidad] para que nos ejercitemos en ellas [y merezcamos la gloria]."

"For by [sheer] grace you have been saved through faith, and this comes not from yourselves, being, as it is, a gift from God; neither by virtue of your [earlier, merely natural] works, so that no one may boast. Wherefore we are his handiwork [in grace as we were in nature], created in Christ Jesus unto good works, prepared by God [from eternity] that we may exercise ourselves in them [and so merit (heavenly) glory]."

Now *all* of that is right there in the text! (Why bother with footnotes?) Clearly, then, this would be a very poor choice for Bible reading and study.

A number of editions, however, carry the Psalter translated by Fr Valentín Sanchéz Ruiz, S.J., from the 1945 Novum Psalterium, and the Gospels translated by Fr Juan Leal, S.J., from the Greek (Bover?). These are both very fine translations and worth reading.

Jonny said...

I saw this Spanish Bible in the Tan/St. Benedict Press advertisement I got in the mail.

The point of interest for me is that this Bible (and a forthcoming St. Benedict Hymnal) are supposedly made with a sewn binding. As far as I know, this is a first for Tan Books and I am hoping that this would be a future update for their other Bibles as well.

citizen DAK said...

Is this the CEE's 2010 translation?
(Look at their 'ediciones' page too: I see a complete "Edicion tipica", a reduced-notes "Edicion popular", and more.)

Is this wiki article accurate?
(It doesn't mention the CELAM that was posted about in this blog, )


citizen DAK said...

...sorry this is NOT the new 2010 CEE "Sagrada Biblia" translation. It is the "Torres Amat".

Wikipedia says The Biblia de Petisco y Torres Amat appeared in 1825. Traditionalist Catholics consider this to be the best Spanish translation because it is direct translation from St. Jerome's Latin Vulgate, like the English language Douay-Rheims Bible.

mel said...

Nice post.Very inspiring.We have learned to earn, grow, and live a fulfilled and happy life in the Spirit.I think interpreting our lives would mean on how we live our christian life more than any translation services could ever offer.Thnaks for sharing.

P. Pablo said...

Does any book seller in the USA sell a spanish bible, with a leather cover and good translation (no vostros). In my diocese, we only have LA BIBLIA LATINOMERICA but its in hardback edition (not leather)-the copy right is Bernardo Hurault, Sociedad Blblic Catolica International (SOBICAIN). I WANT A NICE, HANDY LEATHER BIBLE THAT I CAN ADD ETIQUETAS AND BRING TO PRAYER MEETINGS. I wish Spanish Catholic Bibles were nicer. In English, in recent years, nice leather bound bibles started appearing. any ideas?