Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Loot

A blessed Octive of Christmas to you all! I thought I would quickly check in and share with you a few of the Catholic Bibles related gifts I received (among a few others).

Simply Jesus by NT Wright

History in His Hands: A Christian Narrative of the West by Brennan Pursell

CCSS: 1 Corinthians by George T. Montague

CCSS: First and Second Peter, Jude by Daniel Keating

Amore Infinito: Songs inspired by the Poetry of John Paul II

U2: Achtung Baby Deluxe Edition

MST3K vs. Gamera


Prochorus said...


A Renascence man if I ever saw one. From Simply Jesus to Gamera.

Merry and blessed Octave of Christmas to you and thank you for your Blog.


Timothy said...


Ha! Just what I was thinking! Blessed Christmas to you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful NEW Catholic Scripture Study International Bible:


HT to http://www.thesacredpage.com/

-Mike Demers

Timothy said...



Chrysostom said...

The commentaries are good. I've not read any NT Wright even with his copious output, but I've been considering the three-volume "Resurrection of the Son of God" series, if only it was cheaper (3 short softcovers for $75 - I'd rather have Keil and Delitzche 10-volume for $65 on a limited budget, or some more Balthasar, or Barth's Dogmatics for $100, etc.) - what perspective does he write from (i.e. strongly Protestant like Barth or the editors of the Early Church Fathers, strongly Anglo-Catholic, broad church, evangelical, conservative, liberal, moderate)?

All I can say about the other is U(GHH)2.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Tim. I didn't realize till too late that it came out a while ago.
-Mike Demers

Timothy said...


No problem. The article from the Sacred Page made it sound like it just came out. Actually, it was published late last year. There are many things to like about it, but it is in serious need of cross-references and an expanded maps section.