Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Best Sellers for Ignatius Press

2. Jesus of Nazareth, Vol 2
3. Unplanned
4. Be a Man!
5. He Comes! He Comes!
6. Jesus of Nazareth
7. Catholic Study Bible: New Testament Paperback)
8. Ignatius Bible (RSV) 2nd ed. (Hardcover)
9. Rome Sweet Home
10. Ignatius Bible (RSV) 2nd ed. (Paperback)

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Anonymous said...

In the gift shop at church where I volunteer we've sold a lot of YOUCATs.
-Mike Demers

Anonymous said...

Was watching EWTN Bookmark today. Scott Hahn was on about Ignatius Study Bible. He said the OT is 80% complete and the OT study Bible should be done by 2014, 2015 at the latest.

Timothy said...


Yes, that would be very nice. I hope to embed that episode on this site in the coming days. Thanks for the reminder.

JDH said...

Going through old posts, the funniest ones are these about the ICSB. the latest!!

Timothy said...

It is kind of an old bit here. What will come first the full ICSB or the revised NABRE NT or the parousia!