Thursday, October 6, 2011

New CCSS Volumes Out Next Month

Next month, Baker Academic, a Protestant publishing house, will release two more volumes in the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture series. The two volumes are Fr. George T. Montague's First Corinthians and Daniel Keating's First and Second Peter, Jude. Each volume is keyed to the NABRE, but does make note of significant differences found in the RSV, NRSV, JB, and NJB.

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Chrysostom said...

I have them on pre-order.

They need to come out with John and Hebrews.

I have no idea why they, releasing two Gospel commentaries, released Mark and Matthew - Matthew I can see: either Matthew or Luke, and John.

But Mark? Seriously? 97% of Mark is included in Matthew and Luke, and there's a reason when one looks at the Church Fathers sermons and exegesis, Mark is hardly ever mentioned - compare the size of the three gospels and Mark in something like the "Catena Aurea" for an example.

It seems this "Q theory" and variations (two-source hypothesis, four-document hypothesis), which nearly always come with a side-dish of "Markan priority", have inordinately jacked up the value given to that Gospel out of proportion with its actual value as a historical or theological document (granted that it's essentially a condensed form of Matthew and Luke or an extended Petrine "imprimatur" for Luke per the two-gospel hypothesis).