Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Kingdom New Testament by NT Wright

You can now view the introduction and some selections from NT Wright's translation of the New Testament here. Those of you who have purchased his For Everybody commentary series are familiar with the translation, but this is the first time it has been gathered into one volume. This hardbound edition comes in a single-column page layout, along with quite a few maps. Not sure at this point if I will be purchasing this volume. How about you?


Diakonos said...

Am a huge NT Wright fan but will not be getting this NT translation for 2 reasons.

1. I have it already in the "Everyone" series plus commentary.

2. I would not use it as a personal reading/prayer NT because in some things his theological interpretation as a Protestant doesn;t sit well with me. For example, you can check out Mt 1:25 in the Amazon Look-inside feature. His translation make it seem very much as if Joseph and Mary did have sexual relations after the birth of Jesus. Many translations read "until the birth of her son". But his adds "until AFTER the birth of her Son" which to me gives a more positive implication of the act as fact.

Theophrastus said...

I bought it; although it remains to be seen how much I will use it.

Note that all but four of the maps are in the book of Acts.

Ted said...

I've ordered a copy, but haven't received it yet. Does anyone know why it wasn't titled 'The New Testament for Everyone' as in the UK?
I find it odd that it is featured on the NRSV site ( I know it's the same publisher, but it is named the nrsv site.

Timothy said...


Not sure about the title issue. I know that there are a couple of Wright's books which have different titles across the pond. His earlier work "The Last Word", which was recently updated, is an example. Perhaps it is an issue with it being two different publishers? WJK and HarperOne. (I admit to not knowing if HaperCollins owns WJK.)

And a for Wright's translation being promoted on the NRSV site, yeah it really doesn't make sense. Perhaps, since it is from the same publisher, they see Wright's translation as a compliment to the more literal/formal NRSV.