Friday, September 9, 2011

Royal NAB (Revised)/Douay-Rheims Electronic Reference Bible

This is interesting, although I am unsure as to who the intended audience is for this product. I must say, though, who would have ever thought we would see the NABRE and Douay-Rheims together? That's pretty cool all by itself, and perhaps worth it!

Below is the product info:

Featuring the complete texts of both the 2011 release of the New American Bible, revised edition (NABRE), and the original Douay-Rheims Bible the Royal NAB puts God’s Word at your fingertips anywhere. For added reference and teaching, we’ve also included the Baltimore Catechism along with Catholic prayers and devotions.

Complete text of the New American Bible, revised edition, including commentaries, cross references and footnotes. Approved by the Administrative Committee of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, September 4, 2010.

•Douay-Rheims Bible - complete text of Old and New Testaments
•Catholic Prayers and Devotions
•Baltimore Catechism included (Confirmation Level)
•Adjustable font size for easy reading
•Inspirational verses grouped by topic
•Optional auto-scrolling for continuous reading
•Direct search by book, chapter and verse and over 18,000 key words
•Stores favorite verses
•Compact size - fits in a pocket or purse

The Royal NAB (Revised)/Douay-Rheims Electronic Reference Bible can be purchased at for just under $40.00 on Sept. 24th.


Tim B. said...

I don't think a product like this will sell in the age of Kindle and smartphones. The screen is so small and it just seems cumbersome to read like this.

Pomeranian Catholic said...

...and why is this being made in the age of the eBook?

Anonymous said...

Honestly I can't think of anything less convenient. Except perhaps the DR written on a roomful of clay tablets.

Vince C said...

Oh, I don't know. Not everyone can afford to swing a Kindle or a smart phone. And for the price, it's better than nothing.

Theophrastus said...

Olive Tree has smart phone versions of NABRE, D-R, and hundres of other versions and books in software well integrated for the smartphone. I recommend them highly.

Leonardo said...


I used to have a dictionary in that format, and it helped me as a companion when reading some books.

I think that it can help someone who wants to consult passages of the Bible.

Jonny said...

I am wondering if this truly is the original D-R or the Challoner DR as printed in 1899 commonly available in book form. The original has many archaic spellings and is not currently in print, as far as I know, however someone is selling a 5-volume set fascimile here:

hoshie said...

Hi! I found your blog looking for this product on Google. I feel its 15 years too late. If this thing had come out then, it would have sold hotcakes. I do wonder how they keep the Psalms and Esther in sync since the versification of both differ between the NABRE and the D-R.