Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Quick Comment from Last Sunday's First Reading

I forgot to post about this during the week, but I wanted to note a difference between the original NAB and the new NABRE concerning Jeremiah 20:7:

"You duped me, O LORD, and I let myself be duped" (NAB)

"You seduced me, LORD, and I let myself be seduced" (NABRE)

Each Sunday before heading to Mass I try to review the readings ahead of time, but this past week I did not. So when I heard the first verse of this first reading, I was unprepared to here the word 'duped' being proclaimed by the lector. So, I went back to the NABRE when I got home and was glad to see the change. As a matter of fact, the priest actually mentioned in his homily that 'seduced' would be a better translation. So, well done NABRE!


TSO said...

Does the Little Rock Study Bible contain the same footnotes as the St. Benedict published NABRE? I'm trying to decide on whether to go with the Little Rock or just a regular NABRE...I do want the notes that come with the NABRE (but also want the study material from the Little Rock - I may get both!).

Timothy said...


Yes, the NABRE study notes are standard with all NABRE editions.