Thursday, September 15, 2011


I spoke, again, with my source this week who confirmed that future printings of the Catholic Study Bible NABRE will indeed fix the issue with the Reading Guides. As has been pointed out, the Reading Guides in the front of the volume do not recognizing the changes made to the NABRE OT. Even one of the introductory articles on "The Challenges of Biblical Translation" talks about the "proposed NAB Old Testament" which this new edition contains. Hopefully, I will be able to let you know when the corrected editions are being released. When that will be has not been announced.


rolf said...

I wonder if Oxford will release those future corrected study bibles as a third edition' or keep it under the banner of the 'second edition'? It would be nice to tell which is which, especially if you are ordering on line and can't check the contents of the bible.

Timothy said...


My understanding is that a 3rd edition is not in the plans, but hopefully they will clearly label the new printings as corrected or perhaps augmented.

Theophrastus said...

I still can't get past Oxford's issuing this edition -- which they knew was fault -- in both hardcover and bonded leather. It is bad enough that Oxford rushed out a hardcover copy because they didn't finish the revisions in time and wanted a few more textbook sales. But the bonded leather is intended primarily for collectors or non-student readers -- and they had no problem at all sending that out.

The practical effect is that anyone who wants this book "for the long haul" and is tricked into buying the present edition will end up buying two books. That shows a real contempt on the part of Oxford for its end customers.

I notice, for instance, that you have not mentioned any apology from OUP or any plan to allow current holders of the CSB-NABRE to update their volumes. This leads me to believe that the folks at Oxford University Press believe that what they did was just fine and dandy.

Theophrastus said...

By the way, I elected to return my copy to Amazon. The result is that I'm not personally out any money, but that Amazon will have to deal with this "defective by design" edition. I can only hope that Amazon will pass the cost of this back to Oxford.

A formal apology from Oxford (rather than just "leaks" on your blog) would go a long way to addressing this issue. At least if Oxford apologized, I would believe that they considered this a problem and hopefully would try to avoid similar situations in the future.

Nonetheless, I thank you for publishing these updates. Since Oxford does not bother to share news about this obvious problem, it is nice that you are willing to give us unofficial updates.

Timothy said...


I have been led to believe that a representative from OUP would be posting, at some point, on this blog concerning the CSB. That person has not contacted me as of yet, nor has there been an official comment from them. Perhaps this will change.