Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New NABRE Contest winner

Marcy K, you are the new winner of the NABRE contest, since I have yet to hear back from the person I announced on Sunday. Just send your address to my email, which you can find along the right side bar. Congrats!


Theophrastus said...

Off topic: Amazon just wrote me to tell me that they had cancelled my order of the third edition Catholic Study Bible (ISBN: 019529775X). Usually this happens when the publisher is running late on the promised delivery date (as is certainly the case with this volume.)

If you go to the Amazon listing, you'll see that the item is listed as not in print and one is invited to "sign up to be notified when this item becomes available."

It is all rather annoying since I locked in a cheap price on this volume, and it will almost certainly raise the price we have to pay.

Tim, it sounds like you have been in touch with folks at Oxford University Press or the Confraternity about this volume -- if you would please pass on this complaint about their failure to communicate with Amazon about the real publication date, I would be grateful.

(And I would like to add that I predicted months ago that this volume would be late.)

Timothy said...


You were right! I'll work on finding out some info from my contact at OUP.

rolf said...

That's funny, The Oxford University Press website shows that the Catholic Study Bible is now in stock?

Timothy said...


Leonardo said...

Hi Timothy,

I am reading Matthew's gospel, the kindle's NABRE version, and I want to know more of the implications of one of their notes.

Is there a way that I can contact them?


Timothy said...


I would either check the USCCB site for an email or go to the Facebook site where you can ask a question:

Chrysostom said...

Congratulations to the new winner!

By the way, Marcy, did your last name ever begin with an "F" instead of a "K"?