Saturday, August 13, 2011

ICSB OT Update

According to Mark Brumley of Ignatius Press, the next volume (Exodus?) in the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible won't be released until next Spring. (See comments for ICSB question/response). So, then, will it be one OT book per year? If that is the case, I will be around 79 years old when the complete ICSB is published. Wow! Can't wait!

Seriously though, while I am sure this study Bible will be completed far sooner than the days when I will be collecting Social Security, I wish Ignatius would provide a timeline for the completion of this project. This is getting a little ridiculous.


rolf said...

If you are going to be 79 years old when the ICSB is complteted, I'll be dead!

Timothy said...


Lol.... Yeah, and I mention Social Security, but I doubt that will exist when I am eligible.

Anonymous said...

Tim. This is really sad news. I feel Ignatius press has done a very poor job in promoting their product. After reading this posting I had to think back to the last time I had used my ICSB-NT and realized it was way before I got my Little Rock Study Bible. My copy of the Oxford Catholic Study Bible should be here soon and and I just can't see myself using a NT study bible only. I need a complete canon of the bible when I walk out the door for class and bible studies at church.
Thanks for the update and everything on your blog.
Sharon in Waxahachie

Timothy said...


Thanks for the kind words. And yes, I am kind of feeling the same way you are. I am looking forward to getting the Catholic Study Bible in the mail in the next week or so. Not sure I am going to wait around for the complete ICSB.

Since you have had the Little Rock SB for a few months now, how do you like it? I still haven't acquired a copy yet.

Anonymous said...

Tim. I love it. I really like the single column concept and having the references and other notes right on the same page. It has been an excellent study bible for all my classes and bible study at church. At the rate Ignatius is putting out the OT books I KNOW I will not be around for the completion of their study bible.

Marcy K. said...

I too am really frustrated at the pace the Ignatius is going with this bible. It has been several years since I wrote them an email telling them exactly what I wanted in their new Study Bible that had a few books of the NT done then.

I guess they figure they can make more money by releasing the books one by one mostly. It has been taking such a long time that it really turns me off more than gets me excited about it. For heaven's sake, they are not writing the bible, and they are not translating the bible - they are making commentary. How long does it really take? They have the best people who probably have books and books of commentary written. I know it is not this easy BUT get it together, edit it and put it out! Get the different editions printed (hardcover, leather, etc.) and release them. I'll buy one tomorrow, and buy some to give as gifts, but I'm getting tired of waiting and writing notes in my existing bible. I also want a complete bible not just NT. I have the Navarre Bible now in all it's different volumes but I would really like a single volume of the entire bible. I refuse to buy these single books.

Cathryn said...

Having watched friends go through the editing process, I know the publishing side tends to take a longer than a lot of us wish it would.

That being said, at a cost of $10 per volume (with the price to increase over time I'm sure), I'm figuring that even if I were still alive when this is finished, why would I spend over $500 for a series of nice pamphlets? Yikes!

Dustin Mantz said...

I received a return email from Ignatius Press yesterday over my inquiry of the timeline for the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible. The Old Testament will not be ready for about another year or so, and a single volume edition (what I've been foaming at the mouth over) won't be out until 2014 or later. Isn't it wonderful?

Marcy K. said...

Well Dustin, I'm glad they are working on it and that they are planning to put out a complete bible but really, this is much too long.