Saturday, August 27, 2011

Explaining the New Roman Missal to Youth

Word for Word [Teens] from Life Teen on Vimeo.

I like this quite a bit and will be using this clip in class at some point.

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Theophrastus said...

While I thought the video had a lot of good points, I thought it was weak when it said (at 4:13) "this new translation is directly from scripture from the prophet Malachi and from the book of Psalms." That might be true for a Hebrew translation of the Missal, but is certainly not true of an English translation.

The video also asserts that a formal-equivalent translation (at 4:19) is "the most precise translation of Scripture." While my own preference is for formal-equivalent translations, it must be acknowledged that many translators -- with some good reason -- prefer more dynamic renderings. No translation is entirely formal, so it seems that "most precise" is hyperbole. Since the video asserts that this is the "most precise" translation, we must assume that any future translation must necessarily be "less precise." (In particular, note that it directly implies that the NABRE translation is "less precise.")

Finally, the video suggests that the new translation of the Missal is directly inspired by the Holy Spirit. Is that the official position of the Church? While the CCC asserts (105) that Scripture is inspired, I was not aware that it held that the Missal was inspired (much less a particular translation of the Missal.)