Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Catholic Biblical School of Michigan

Just wanted to briefly mention this promotional video for the Catholic Biblical School of Michigan. I was recently hired to teach one of the first year courses, which looks at the narrative/historical section of the Old Testament. If you live in southeast Michigan, there are multiple locations in the metro Detroit area where classes are being offered. You can find more info here.


Anonymous said...

Nice! If I still lived in SE Michigan I would definitely be involved with this. Have fun!


Theophrastus said...

It is interesting to me to see how Michigan CBS chose different texts for its first year than the Denver CBS.

Michigan textbook list

Denver textbook list

Do you have any insight into why changes were made (e.g., why was the Ignatius Study Bible Genesis not included in the Michigan list)?

Timothy said...


Actually the reading list is pretty similar. Both require require the Bible Compass along with the same workbook. The other books, like the Borgman and Wenham, are recommended. There are still others that are optional. I know that the NT course requires the ICSBNT.