Friday, June 3, 2011

Little Rock Catholic Study Bible

The Little Rock Catholic Study Bible NABRE is available for order. You can receive a 20% off discount at the Little Rock site on all orders of this new study Bible by entering promotion code LRBIBLE at checkout. Offer ends June 30, 2011.


rolf said...

Hi Timothy,
I will e-mail you a first impressions guest review of this Study Bible when I finish it, as I have only had the Bible for a day and a half.

Timothy said...


Thanks! Looking forward to it.

Diakonos said...

Got mine (pb) yesterday. Apart from translation, I have to say that it has softened me to the NABRE mostly because it is a layout I have never seen for this translation. It looks a lot like the Catholic Youth Bible put out by St. Mary's Press. I like the tan shading boxes for cross references and secial info boxes.

I really like the Summary boxes with special theme icons that are at the beginning of each book with succint helpful info on author (often more traditional than the NABRE intros), content, main characters, etc. Protestant Bibles have used this format for some time.

Haven't had enough time to give my impression of the various supplementary articles. But the chart showing Jewish feasts and their Christian association is very helpful. The color maps are nice and their is a pull-out timeline in the very back. Am very disappointed that the lectionary giude is only for Sundays and certain feastdays - a Cahtolic Bible should include daily lectionary as well.

My first and raw impression by flipping and skimming is that the Little Rock Scripture guides/articles are not as left-field as many NABRE notes tend to be, but seem somewhat more respectful of Cahtolic tradition. I am not familiar with this bible study program but I imagine this edition is a collection of their various "tools".

Overall, though, I finally do have an edition of the NABRE that I have put into a nice leather case and will bring to catechetical ministry and classes.