Monday, June 27, 2011

CBA and USCCB Agreement

For those of you who have been following the 3 year long dispute between the CBA and USCCB, I am happy to see that both sides have come to an agreement. For more info, follow this link.

(Thanks to reader Sharon for the link!)


Theophrastus said...

I wonder if this will prove to be true. It certainly has a cynical tone: "With the publication of the New American Bible Revised Edition, royalties in the next few years are likely to soar as Catholic publishers issue new versions of the Bible itself and of other books that use it as a basic resource. In recent years, New American Bible royalties have averaged around $1 million a year, giving the association about $250,000 a year in income to promote biblical research and scholarship."

I wonder if the rank-and-file Catholic will find it necessary to update his or her copy of the NAB. While Bible nerds (like those of us who follow this blog) may do this, I think that ordinary people will not necessarily see a pressing need to replace their Bibles. Since the royalty is dropping from 25% to 15%, sales would need to increase by 67% to keep royalty income stable. Is that realistic?

Keith said...

I'd just like to get people to use a Catholic edition of the Bible. We just started a men's group at our parish and while the group is small, all i'm seeing is is the KJV, NLT and the Good News. I'd be pleased as punch if I would be an old NAB from them.

rolf said...

We're Bible nerds...? I guess we are.

Anonymous said...

Bible Nerds? Ok, I guess I am one. I just drove from my rural home out in a Texas county into the nearest Starbuck's to download the NAB-RE and the CEB with apocrypha onto my Kindle. I guess that might qualify me as one.
Sharon in Waxahachie!

Jack M. said...

Wow. The "Catholics" that comment on NCRonline sure are bitter, angry, and self-loathing. I think they need therapy! :)

Leonardo said...


I was reading the Book of Numbers in the Ignatius Bible for kindle, and the chapter 17 has 13 verses, but in the NABRE for kindle the chapter 17 has 28 verses.

I checked the difference in other versions of the Bible on the web and some have 13, others 28.

I thought that the differences of the Bible were in other books, but not in the Torah.

Can someone explain the difference?


Theophrastus said...

The NABRE often follows Hebrew verse numbering rather than English verse numbering. Here Numbers 16:36-50 (English) are labeled Numbers 17:1-15 (Hebrew).

Another example where you can see this Exodus 7:26-29 (Hebrew) in the NABRE -- usually this is Exodus 8:1-4 (English).

All of these points are presumably addressed in the publication Textual Notes on the New American Bible. While older editions of this publication have appeared, I have not heard of an updated publication, although it is mentioned in the Preface to the NABRE.

(Timothy, could you please check with your contacts and see when this important publication might be released?)

Leonardo said...


Timothy said...


I'll see if I can get some info on that.

Timothy said...

Just received confirmation that it will be available online once the new NABRE website is launched.

Inigo Montoya said...

Keith - I started a men's group myself earlier this year (the day after Ash Wednesday). Would you mind catching up some time to exchange experiences of what has worked / is working and what has not?

Keith said...


We can can chat for sure. Send me an email at kfcorso (at) yahoo (dot) com.