Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lifeteen Catholic Teen Bible

Thanks to reader Brad for pointing me to this. It appears that Lifeteen has published their very own youth Bible. At this point, I do not know much about it, other than the info provided at their site. The product description reads:

New American Bible for Teens Features: An overview of all 73 books of the Bible * How to read Scripture * An overview of the Covenants in Scripture and their significance * A glossary of Biblical terms * Quotes from Saints on Scripture A Distinctly Catholic Resource * Tradition and Scripture explained * A guide to the Rosary and Scriptures * Biblical basis for all seven Sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church * Practical apologetics * Relating Scripture and the Mass * The full cycle of Sunday readings

I'll try to supply more info on this youth Bible once it becomes more widely available.


Diakonos said...

I have it and have used it with our Confrmation kids. It's pretty much in the line of the Prove It! Bible (OSV) and the Fireside Youth Bible. What I mean is it is a rather typical NAB edition with supplemental glossy color inserts. Not thorough enough to use as a catechetical tool, but definitely an excellent choice to give as a gift to a confirmand or young adult.

Diakonos said...

Should have mentioned that this is not a brand new publication but has been out for a few years, but not many.

Timothy said...


Thanks for the info. I had never heard of it until yesterday. I go to a number of Catholic bookstores in my area pretty regularly and have never seen it.

Diakonos said...

Doesn't surprise me. I am a Catholic bookstore groupie myself and never saw it on any shelves.Couldn;t even get it thru Amazon back then. I ordered it from Lifeteen direct. Ever since Lifeteen's founder fell from grace (so to speak) their products and methods have been more accessible to the general public...and on Amazon now too

Francesco said...

Hi Tim,

I got this for my parish's youth group. I's published by the American Bible Society, and if I had to guess (since I've never seen one before), I'd say that aside from the thick glossy pages at the front and back its the same as other ABS Bibles.

It has the same two-column format of other NABs, except it lacks the solid lines that CBPC Bibles have and it has the cross-references under the notes instead of above them. Maybe the font is slightly smaller than my CBPC NAB, but I'm not sure about that.