Wednesday, February 2, 2011

NABRE Sneak Peek: Exodus 3

In union with this week's World Day of Prayer for Consecrated Life, the newest sneak peek comes from Exodus 3 which details the call of Moses. To see this, you will need a Facebook account. One of the big changes from the original NAB is how it translated the Divine Name. In the old NAB, the translators went with "I am who am" while the NABRE translators went with the more standard "I am who I am". There are some more interesting changes, but perhaps I will save that for discussion in the comments. So go check out the new translation! One thing to note is that the NABRE translators have expanded the commentary/notes for this chapter of Exodus. Here are some links which will allow you to compare the NABRE's rendering with the RSV, NRSV, and the original NAB.


Keith said...

Actually preferring the original NAB a little over the NABRE.I am beginning to notice that the NABRE is actually reading more like the RSV in the few passages I've compared.

Timothy said...


Yes, I think you are correct. Psalm 23 in the NABRE is much closer to the RSV as well. I also saw, on the Liturgical Press site before it was removed, that the NABRE went with "Redeemer" over "next of kin" in the book of Ruth. Thus, the NABRE went for a more literal rendering than the RSV.

Anonymous said...

hello everyone,

thanks for this bit of information. i have a copy of NAB from Saint Benedict Press (SBP) and I love the Premium Ultra Soft Cover which is designed to look and feel like real leather. When I read on a few websites that NABRE would be released I went to and see if SBP have a version in Large Print.

You see, although I like my NAB, the text inside the book itself is so dense and quite small. Much as I'd like to order the NABRE from SBP, I suspect that the text would also be as dense and small. Unfortunately, SBP do not offer the NABRE at this time (pre-order) in Large Print which I would have chosen.

So I went with Oxford University Press's version of NABRE in Large Print (black leather) also pre-ordered at If any, this is a perfect excuse to buy the revised NAB, hehehe.

May God bless our translators and may more people come close to God through his Word.