Saturday, February 26, 2011

NABRE Sneak Peaks So Far

As of today, we are eleven days away from the official release of the New American Bible Revised Edition. I have placed my order for the Black Premium UltraSoft edition by Saint Benedict Press, which I hope to get around March 9th. Since the announcement, back in early January, there has been some "spirited" discussion about the NABRE on this blog. Hopefully, in the end, it has been helpful to those of you who have stopped by over the past few weeks.

So, I have decided to use this post to simply list the various discussions on the "sneak peeks" which we have had concerning the NABRE. Perhaps it will be helpful to those who are just joining the discussion. I am interested in hearing from you about what your overall impression has been so far. However, let's keep in mind that we have only been given a few glimpses of the revised text.

Psalm 139
Psalm 23
Exodus 3
Genesis 1
Song of Songs (selections)
Isaiah 7
Psalm 1

Additional Info:
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Commentary/Notes Discussion
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