Friday, September 24, 2010

A Year with the Church Fathers Promo

I saw this book in a local Catholic bookstore and it is very beautiful. If I ever decide to get, a review would certainly follow.


Diakonos said...

Hefty price but well worth the cost. An excellent step forward in the intellecutal, moral and spiritual life for Catholics and all Christians.

Theophrastus said...

"An excellent step forward"

Why? I started to count the number of anthologies of the Church Fathers available on Amazon and stopped when I reached 200 volumes. (This isn't even the first anthology published by Aquilina.) And of course, there are many, many more volumes devoted to translations to single Church Fathers.

And this volumes looks to be just snippets: a half-page page per entry -- really just a "thought of the day".

Why does this volume change things up?

Diakonos said...

Because it is obviously something that can be given to Catholics who normally would not be online reading tomes of the Fathers nor spend the money to acquire collections for their personal libraries. This volume gives a nice daily reading and open up the Fathers to any "everyday" Catholic who might receive one, or to catechists, etc.

Theophrastus said...

But there are many, many, many collections (single volume, multi-volume) that claim to be for the "everyday Catholic."

As I mentioned -- this isn't even the first one Aquilina has edited.

How is this one different?

Matt said...

This is a daily devotional to be used for meditation and "spiritual direction". There are 365 meditations. It isn't just a collection.

This isn't meant to change anything. But its a nice book.