Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Contest 2

It is time for another contest! Yes, summer is going by very quickly, and I want to make sure to have at least one more contest before school starts up again. This contest is interesting, I think, because the question has nothing to do with the prize. Also, instead of having a series of trivia questions, I am going to ask you to be creative.

First, the winner will receive this little collection of Bible related materials, which includes:

The Go-Anywhere Bible NRSV Catholic Edition

St. Joseph Catholic Edition of the NIV Psalms

St. Joseph Guide to the Bible, by Karl A. Schultz

Then & Now Bible Maps, by Rose Publications

The Good News of the Holy Spirit, by Kevin Perrotta (Acts of the Apostles Bible study)

So, then, how will I decide a winner? Like I mentioned above, I am not going to ask any specific trivia-type questions this time. Instead, I want you to come up with a proposed new tagline or slogan for the upcoming NABRE. The idea came to me as I was re-reading some of my favorite posts on this blog from back in 2008. As I came upon this old post, I began to wonder if the new NABRE would be publicized using some form of tagline or slogan. Thus, your mission is to come up with a new tagline/slogan for the NABRE, assuming that it will be published in 2011. Feel free to be witty, instructive, or funny, but please do not be mean-spirited. (I will delete any posts that I deem inappropriate.) All answers must be submitted by 11:59 PM on Sunday, August 1.

(I should point out that I considered adding an NAB to the prize package, but decided not to since it will be out-dated in a year or so.)


Qohelet said...

NABRE - We fixed the Psalms!


Terri L. Coons said...

The NABRE. The Next Frontier -- like discovering the planet Pluto.

Francesco said...

"It is finished"

Chris said...

Just because it's "American" doesn't mean it's not Catholic!

jblake said...

"The ReNewed American Bible"

Diakonos said...

Your rules don't state a limit of 1 submission so I am torn between my cell phone and sports for inspiration...

1. NABRE - Can You Read Me Now?
2. NABRE - Just Read It!

jblake said...

Can I add this second one?

A play on "That they all may be one":

NABRE -"That they all may have one"

Matt said...

The NABRE: "The third (and one half) time's the charm!"

I am going for witty, as you can see.

Timothy said...

People can enter as often as they want, but just don't over do it! ;)

Francesco said...

The Latest Edition of the Bible You Won't Hear at Mass.

Diakonos said...

Ok...hope I am not verdoing it but here are 2 more from my media-saturated mind:

1. NABRE: It's Not Your Grandmother's NAB.

2. NABRE: Good to the last verse.

Oi vey. I am done.

Paolo said...

NABRE - Whoa oh, we're halfway there, whoa oh, living on a prayer...

NABRE - Moving a Glacial Pace

NABRE - won't you be my NABRE?

Matt said...

Prots call the Bible their Sword
And at study time nobody's bored
But Catholics perhaps can call it their saber,
take it to class, and read from their NABRE.

Alejandro said...

Love your NABRE as yourself.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what they call it, just please get it done before I die. Not getting any younger here.
Sharon in Texas!!!!!!!!!!

Timothy said...


Yes! I agree and hope that we will see the NABRE in print in the first half of 2011.

Anonymous said...

My three puns:

Revision without end. Amen.

Rhymes with NRSVc



Warren said...

If there are this many punsters sharing their pun-ditry on a regular basis, I think I just found my newest favourite blog.

Thanks for the good natured humour.