Thursday, May 20, 2010

NRSV Thinline Update

A few posts back, I mentioned that HarperOne would be releasing an actual thinline edition of the NRSV early in the Fall. Well, I decided to contact them to see if their new NRSV thinline would be come in a specifically Catholic edition. A representative from HarperOne informed me that "The NRSV Thinline that comes out this Fall will release in 2 Protestant editions - with and without the Deuterocanonical Books. We will be releasing a Catholic Thinline edition in Winter 2011." So that is definitely good news! Hopefully, it will be a true thinline, which would make it the only Catholic thinline Bible I am aware of in any translation. Very cool!


Francesco said...

Hi Timothy,

I'm not sure what a "thinline" bible is. Is it the opposite of a "large print" Bible? It seems odd to have the Catholic edition come out a year after the "with Apocrypha" edition - aside from book order it shouldn't be very different, right?

Totally off topic: the RSV-2CE New Testament Study Bible is now available from Ignatius Press. The wait, it seems, is over!


Timothy said...


A thinline Bible is typically one which is bigger than a compact Bible, yet slightly smaller than an average medium sized Bible and having around 1.3 inch thickness. It makes the Bible very portable, yet not too compact. Here are some examples:

As for the Ignatius SB, I ordered the leather edition, which means I will have to wait a bit more. But I am interested in hearing how the hardcover and paperback editions are!