Friday, May 21, 2010

Ignatius Catholic Study Bible NT Now Available

According to Ignatius Press, the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible New Testament is now available in the hardcover and paperback editions. The leather edition, which I ordered, should ship in early June. I will be sure to have a review of it, once I receive it!
Thanks to reader Francesco for the link.
Update: I decided to switch my order and get the hardback instead of the leather edition. It should be coming in some time Friday, so hopefully I will have a review up over the Memorial Day weekend. We shall see!


Theophrastus said...

While we are waiting for Amazon, to send us our copoes, we can always order a matching piece -- the Oxford Catholic Comparative New Testament which is now available from Amazon at a "bargain price" of $14 (60% off) (a sure sign it will be out of print soon).

It has the Rheims (Challoner), RSVCE, NRSVCE, NAB, JB, NJB, Good News, and Christian Community Bible in a nice parallel presentation and should nice complement the Ignatius commentary

Francesco said...

Hi Theophrastus,

You must be right: I bought that book last month and it cost me $23. They are trying to move inventory.

I haven't had a chance to use it much yet. I've noticed that it only has notes for the RSV-1CE and the NRSV. For those who have issues with the RNAB NT footnotes, this will not have those.

I didn't like the paper, however. To me it felt like the paper that is sometimes used to fluff up a gift bag. Like tissue paper. I guess they had to use lightweight paper to keep the book a reasonable size and portable.


Timothy said...

Some additional info on the future of the Ignatius Study Bible from Ignatius Press:

Some of the individual volume annotations have been revised--not a lot but some. Some of the essays have been revised--for example, the last supper essay in John, I think, has been significantly revised. There are others but I don't remember, off the top of my head.
Some of the intro essays have been revised and we added an essay on the Gospels by Curtis Mitch, which is very good. Plus, there is a concise concordance for the NT, a doctrinal index that was designed esp. for apologetics, list of Jesus' miracles and a list of the parables, and some great, new, full-color maps.
Plus, the text is larger for a wider range of readers to use the text easily and there's a little more margin space than the old booklets for those who want to write in the margins--though not as much as in the new Bible study version (8 1/2 x 11) of the booklets.
So, much is the same, but there are some important changes and additions to the booklets.
Dave: The Old Testament is underway. I just finished my edits of Genesis. Curtis is putting in a few corrections from the production department, and then its off to the regular production process for a fall 2010 release. I'm working through Exodus now and will send my comments to Curtis as soon as I can.
Probably 80% of the OT is done in first draft. We have to work through that still, which is some heavy lifting. But it looks as if the OT will run much, much more quickly than the NT. I can't give a project when the OT (and therefore the whole Bible) will be done and ready to print, but we're moving ahead as quickly as possible. I'd love to get feedback on which OT books people think we should publish as stand-alone volumes. Genesis, definitely. Likewise, Exodus. But I don't know what to think about Leviticus or Numbers. That sort of thing. Comments?

Anonymous said...

I would release the OT books in historical/story order like the one's Jeff Cavins recomends reading for teh Bible Timeline series.

Timothy said...


I agree with you. Ultimately, I just hope they are released fairly quickly. If they have 80% of the OT in draft form, hopefully we will have a complete study Bible by mid-decade.......maybe.