Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Catholic Book of Scripture Passages

I just wanted to quickly mention a little book that I have found to be very helpful. It is called The Catholic Book of Scripture Passages: A Prayer Guide for Every Occasion. This small, yet 176 page prayer book, contains a selection of Scripture passages that can be used throughout the liturgical year, as well as in particular life circumstances.
As the book's description says: "Scripture speaks to our hearts-and to our every need. This book's small size makes it easy to carry with you for Adoration, Mass, or any other time you would like to spend a few minutes praying with the Scriptures. Chapter headings help readers quickly locate just the right Bible passage for any of life's moments."
I was using it last night for night prayer, since I wanted to pray focusing on Scripture passages related to Holy Week and everything I wanted was right there in front of me. This book contains a section specifically for Holy Week with readings from Isaiah, Zechariah, and various New Testament authors. (There are also sections for the other main liturgical seasons of the year.) In addition, this small book has a section relating various Scripture passages to the seven Sacraments and the saints.
So, it is worth checking out. I can see myself, like the description says, using it in Adoration. It is fairly cheap being only $10.00 at most online stores. The translation used is the NRSV and the publisher is The Word Among Us Press.

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Diakonos said...

I like bringing my LOTH to adoration and since I use the 4 volume set there are Scripture readings and commentary from the Fathers in Office of Readings for all the seasons and feasts. But this book sounds like a nice idea.